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Sean has been cooking since he was a kid. Starting with spaghetti and sandwiches, he moved on to bigger and better foods as he got older. 

Eventually he attended MCC, where he met Vee in a cooking class. The two became fast friends and embarked on a journey to make a healthy, tasty snack food. 

They started Naturalvert, and now the company is growing almost as fast as they are. Sean loves cooking and living healthy, so if you ever see him, feel free to talk to him about those subjects and more!

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a passion for food, and even as boy, took the initiative to come up with my own recipes. As I got older, I wanted to create a different way to make a meal by using unusual food combinations. After high school I attended culinary school, and started tested my ideas.

While attending school for Culinary Arts, I began exploring my baking skills and produced a healthy granola mixture for my professors and classmates to sample. After bringing my innovations to my professors, they encouraged me to create a food company, and after graduating, I took the risk to persue my dream.

So why granola? Because of its versatility.  It can be used in endless combinations, as a cereal, dessert topping and yes, in gourmet entrees! The possibilities are endless. 

I met my partner Sean in cluinary school, shared my vision, and he decided to come on board to build Naturalvert and turn a dream into a reality.



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